The Best Way to Have a Productive Summer

Summertime is almost here! Many of us are doing our best trying to organize our schedules for this summer while most of us are just lounging on the couch, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that their friends would invite us to go somewhere, shopping, perhaps.

Best Summer Reading Program

Other than planning for a fun summer vacation, why don’t you encourage your kids to participate in summer reading program at your local public library? This way, they can get to read different books and learn something new. They can have access to any books they like.

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How to Spend Summer the Right Way

SummerSummer is fast approaching and many of the students may already started planning out their schedules. While some kids enjoy he sweetness of doing nothing, some are looking forward for a productive summer vacation.

Here are some tips on how to have a productive and, at the same time, fun summertime.

One thing you can do is to volunteer in your community. Community service is a great way to meet in your neighborhood and to get to know them better. Not only that it helps you develop your social skills but it also enhances your teamwork and cooperation skills. You can either  volunteer for tree planting, coastal cleanup or other community activities in your area.

Another great way to be productive is to spend time outdoors. You can go swimming, hiking, biking or join any outdoor sport. Not only that it serve as an exercise for the body but it is also good for the brains.

The best thing I can recommend is to attend summer reading program in your place. Encourage your kids and other family members to use local public libraries this summer.

Some kids may think that summer is a time to take a break from any school-related activities. It’s good at some point. But summer is not only for having fun but for learning as well.

Reading is fundamental. It is a valuable skill that should be introduced to kids. Apart from being essential for survival, it can also help develop the child’s language skills and promote literacy. The more books they are reading the more information they are getting. Reading serves as a portal to your child’s future academic success for it expands their vocabulary. This will enable them to become proficient in reading and comprehend more of what they read.

Reading helps expands the child’s vocabulary. By seeing how words are used in different context, they can have better understanding of the definitions and proper usage. Good reading skills can improve spelling and grammar to a certain degree. Reading is also a way to discover new things about oneself and the society. It can help a person develop a good self image by giving us positive opinions of ourselves and abilities.

Reading lets a child play with their imagination. While they read, they enact the scenes in their mind and it allows them to interact with the characters of the story. The mind expands when images are produced mentally.

With strong reading skills, they can go places without the need to travel. By reading, they can learn about different countries including their culture and their people making it easier to find shared conversation points with them. The more they read about different cultures, the easier it is to connect with people.

Grammar, vocabulary, academic performance, writing skills and communication skills can be improved through reading. The more they read the more they understand the meaning of words that are used in different context.

Summertime is a great opportunity to learn more. Get your kids and family to visit local public libraries for summer reading program 2015.

Did you know?

Children who don’t read over the summer tend to experience summer learning loss.

“Summer learning loss is the loss in academic skills and knowledge over the course of summer vacation.”

– Wikipedia

“Children are said to lose on average a month’s worth of knowledge during their three months of summer vacation–with forgetfulness worst in subjects that require procedural and factual learning (like mathematics).”

– Forbes

What are you waiting for? Set aside your other summer schedules and take time to participate in summer library program with your family.

Summer Reading Program 2015: A Productive Summer


Way back 1890s, summer reading programs were started to encourage students to read books throughout summer and to use libraries to enhance their reading skills. Nowadays, libraries are offering summer reading programs.

Reading is an essential tool especially for children. It is through reading that we learn new things and discover more about the world we are living in.

As the school year is about to end, students are already planning in how to spend their summer vacation. The word “summer” somehow gives a very optimistic but sometimes wrong connotation among school children. They mostly regard summer as time for getting away from books and school-related activities and hanging out with their friends.

For students who are inclined into learning more, reading is a very fun endeavor since it involves meta cognition and development of imaginative skills.

Summer reading program 2015 is implemented to encourage students to read books at their local public libraries. The common goals of this program are:

  • To promote literacy and academic advancement among children and teens through reading and related activities.
  • To get parents and other family members become involved in experiencing summer reading activities.
  • To allow kids to have a more productive summer while on vacation.

Summer is time for different activities including summer reading programs. Letting your kids attend the program will allow them to have a more productive summer. This also serves as a good opportunity to strengthen family bonding while on summer vacation.

It has been proven by studies that students who go for the summer reading programs and actually take them seriously are likely to have improved their reading skills. This program is the cure for learning loss. It provides a very unique kind of exercise to the brain and to the whole being of a person because through reading, one is not only learning about things but through reading and imagination, they are also able to exercise their emotions and are able to learn lots of things about life.

Because the number of people who engage in reading are already deteriorating, teachers and library staff has been getting into a sort of partnership wherein they identify those students who are at the bottom of their classes and have problems when it comes to reading and learning and they entice those students to come into the library and read.

Reading is fun

Reading a book has become rare to most of the world’s population especially to the new generations because of computers. However, as technology advances, books are also upgraded and published in electronic devices, making it more accessible through the internet. But, nothing compares to the fun that we can get out of reading a real book.

There are many fun things in this world and reading a book is definitely one of them. Why? Because it can help you understand and get to know yourself even more. Reading serves as a portal to learning new ideas and discovery of limitless adventures.

And summer means more time to read books and to learn new things. Encourage your kids to attend summer library program at your place, or better yet, bring your whole family at your local public library because a family that reads together stays together.

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